Thursday, August 29, 2013

Flashback to August 2012

Whoa this summer has flown by and so has August.  I really wanted to get this out earlier in the month but kept getting distracted and sidetracked.  But here it is, August last year:

At this time last year, I was getting ready to start my second year as a speech-language pathologist and I was baking up a storm.   Some recipes turned out, others did not, and some were even good enough to share...

I love banana bread.  And I usually have a few extra ripe bananas at the end of each bunch.  This is a great way to use up those bananas! The recipe is a combination from Baking: Illustrated and Brown Eyed Baker.  The streusel topping is a delicious combination of nuts, sugar, and spices and the whole loaf gets doused in a rum glaze.  What's not to love.

Coffee.  And frosting.  Two of my favorite things paired together can not go wrong.  The American-styled buttercream has a great coffee taste that isn't overwhelming or bitter and goes great on chocolate desserts (like these chocolate cupcakes, these chocolate cupcakes, or sandwiched with these chocolate cookies, just to name a few suggestions).  The cupcakes look super cute dusted with cocoa powder and topped with a chocolate covered espresso bean.

To be honest, these cupcakes are good, but I think they could be so much better.  The chocolate cake is good, but I prefer either of my chocolate cupcake recipes better (here and here).  The center is filled with a milk chocolate mousse that is delicious and the whole thing is topped with chocolate frosting and chopped Snickers bars.  Although good, I would definitely do it differently next time, namely: different chocolate cake, filled with homemade nougat, topped with salted caramel Italian meringue buttercream, and decorated with chopped peanuts and drizzled chocolate.  I will be doing this soon, I don't know when exactly, but that recipe will be posted in the future :)

Happy August, everyone!
This is my kind of salad, ha! (I did not actually make this salad, I just love bacon)

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