Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday Funday 12/8/13

Holy cow I feel like if been neglecting this little corner of the web. All apologies. I missed last weeks Sunday post and haven't gotten my Thanksgiving Apple Pie recipe up yet. Hopefully this month will go a little more smoothly. Fingers crossed, right?

1. Happy belated Thanksgiving! I hope everyone ate enough food to maybe feel slightly embarrassed. Anyone do any cooking or baking? I made an amazing French Apple Cheesecake Pie that I'll be sharing hopefully soon.  It was to die for. Pie and stuffing are my favorite things about Thanksgiving. 

2. I'm in full swing for Christmas baking. On the menu: pretty sugar cookies (this time I used a Katrina's kitchen recipe), cherry almond blooms, peppermint shortbread, either hot chocolate cookies or caramel stuffed fudge crinkles, peanut butter brownie cups for a cookie exchange, and a completely from-scratch (and I mean completely because I'm a little crazy) chocolate peppermint poke cake for a treat day at school. 

3. We had a snow day on Friday. Winter Storm Dion (since when did we start naming winter storms?) trashed Cincinnati with freezing rain and 4" of snow. It's the best winter storm I've seen since moving out of the Snow Belt and all the fluffy white snow made me so happy. 

4. Christmas a only a little over 2 weeks away and I've hardly done any shopping. To be honest, I really hate going out in the crowds, fighting for parking, and never finding what I'm looking for. So maybe I'll procrastinate a little longer. 

5. Last weekend the Buckeyes beat _ichigan. We had an impromptu party and I whipped up cheddar sausage puffs and homemade salsa.  The Buckeyes had the current longest running winning streak on college football (24 straight games!).  But last night they took on Michigan State for the Big 10 title and lost.  So no National Championship game for us, but another bowl game awaits.

Delicious bookmarks:
1. Blueberry and Angel Cake Trifle by Mel's Kitchen Cafe.
This dessert looks heavenly! It's layers of fluffy angel food cake, delicate cream, and fresh blueberry sauce.  Since angel food cake is fat free and this dessert has blueberries, it's practically healthy....right?

2. French Onion Pastry Puffs by Joy the Baker.
I love caramelized onions.  For me, they are absolutely worth slaving over the stove for.  When done right, they taste sweet and basically melt in your mouth.  Joy the Baker took all that decadence and put it inside a puff pastry with a schmear of Dijon mustard and shredded Gruyere cheese.  I die.

3. Oreo Peppermint Bark by A Southern Fairy Tale.
Nothing fancy or schmancy but definitely a tasty looking addition to any cookie tray this holiday season.  It looks pretty easy, too: Melted milk chocolate is spread on a tray, topped with crushed chocolate wafer sandwich cookies, which is then schmeared with melted white chocolate and garnished with crushed candy canes.

Happy belated Thanksgiving!
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