In 2011, I moved across the state to live with my husband (we spent a year of our marriage living apart while I finished grad school and he worked) and work as a speech-language pathologist at a small school in Cincinnati.  The first weekend in our new place, we decided to have some friends over for HFP, or Happytime Fun Porch, in which friends come over for a happy hour on our porch.  At this time, a friend had introduced me to Bakerella and I just had to make her pillow cookies.  Our friends were so impressed by a brownie stuffed into a cookie that I decided to bake for each HFP.  Then the school year started and I began baking for our monthly Special Ed Team Meetings.

It was so nice that so many people could enjoy my baking.  My husband likes baked good, but never more than a taste.  So if I make a tray of brownies, he'll eat one or two and I'm the one stuck eating the rest.  My thighs don't appreciate this.  Through friends and coworkers, I have found an outlet to try new recipes and also buffer any weight gain, since I enjoy baking too much to stop.

I hope you enjoy the recipes I share.  Please feel free to leave comments, questions, or suggestions.