Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Funday 9-22-13

Oh my gawsh I can't believe how fast this past week went.  Here's another Sunday Funday for you!

1. I've mentioned before that I do some weight lifting at a gym my friend owns.  He is an amazing trainer and has been working with me to build strength and I must say that it is working - this past week, I dead lifted 175 pounds! I know it's no world record, but I'm pretty proud of myself.

2.  I'm happy to have discovered Wonder Years on Netflix.  Needless to say, that's been eating up a decent amount of time!  It's kinda like the pre- Boy Meets World for me.  Speaking of Boy Meets World, who else is excited for Girl Meets World?

3.  Buckeyes demolished Florida A&M this weekend, 76-0.  Not a great game to watch, but I'll take the win.  I'm excited for next weekends game against Wisconsin, which should actually prove to be a game worth watching.  This past Saturday, the marching band did an awesome Beatles Tribute - you can check it out here.

4. I made double cookie dough ice cream this weekend.  Flavor-wise, it's excellent, but the texture was not as creamy as I was hoping for.  I used cream and whole milk, so I'm not really sure where I went wrong.  Either way, I have 4 pints of it in my freezer which I'll definitely eat. 

5. Grey's Anatomy starts this Thursday with a two hour season premiere! Who else is excited about this?

1. Oreo Doodles by Gimme Some Oven.
These delicious looking chocolate cookies seem kinda like a fudge crinkle cookies, except instead of getting rolled in powdered sugar, they got rolled in Oreo dust.  Not too shabby if you as me!

2. Reese's Overload Cake at Key Ingredient.
Two layers of peanut butter cake sandwiching a chocolate cheesecake with chocolate icing and peanut butter icing.  This cake looks so rich and decadent and I'm dying for an occasion to make it.  Who has a birthday coming up?

3. Deluxe Chocolate Marshmallow Bars at Taste of Home.
It starts off as a basic brownie, then gets smothered by a layer of melted marshmallows and topped with a crunchy chocolate-peanut butter-rice crispy top.  I. Die.

Have an awesome week!


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