Monday, August 6, 2012

Some DIYing

So I have to admit, I haven't baked recently.  Crazy, I know.  We were in Cleveland for a wedding last week, and when we came home on Sunday, I had this crazy urge to craft.  Like, craft EVERYTHING.  I made some bracelets using a chain I bough at a flea market and some cording from Jo Anns and made my own screen printed t-shirts to support the beer league volleyball team our friends play on (pictures coming soon).

I've also decided that since the husband and I aren't moving this year, we should make our rented duplex a little more home-y.  I get the urge to decorate about every August, and it probably has something to do with moving and redecorating almost every August since I was 18.  I gave myself a $150 budget to update and decorate our entry way on the first floor and the landing on the second floor.  I will post pictures when the updates are complete.  So far I'm within my budget but still short a table....I guess I'll have to keep scoping out garage sales, Good Will, and Salvation Army.

Anywho, on the baking front, I've really wanted to make bread pudding since my Aunt Kathy mentioned it on my too-short visit with her in Georgia on our drive back from our vacay in June.  Also coming soon will be decadent Snickers cupcakes that I donated to my church's festival for a bid-and-buy item.  I have so many other things that I want to bake I'm almost looking forward to school starting again so I can bake for the special ed meetings.

So come back soon for updates of my foyer and landing remodel as well as some tasty recipes :)

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